YouTube Video – Good Intention, Poor Execution

In past 3 years we have seen so many new B Schools opening up in Ahmedabad – United World Business School, Xcellon, SBS, TBS, ISBM, IBMR, ISBA, Amity. With so many options available to an aspiring MBA student, it has become necessity for the B Schools to heavily advertise in print, outdoors and radio so as to ensure that they become the most preferred choice of a student.

But what has been missing is any real effort by any of this colleges to target the students on social media. But I was pleasantly surprised when i saw a YouTube video link of Shanti Business School on my FB news feed (shared by a friend), and the thumbnail of two animated characters really got me inquisitive to see the video.

Original Video posted on Shanti Business School YouTube channel

After seeing the video I felt who is the creative genius behind this! (sarcasm intended)

I am appreciative of the fact that Shanti Business School tried something different in a form of witty and humorous YouTube video. But unfortunately the poor treatment of humor does more harm than benefit to the SBS brand.

3 things that makes this video poor

1. Poor Brand Positioning

  • ‘Is se to mahine ka aloo pyaaz bhi nahin niklega, aur upar se chor ka naam ka kalank lag jaayega’
  • ‘Ab hum gaajar nahin, gaajar ka halwa khaatein hain’

This kind of lines will surely will make people remember the video (the way I did) but leaves behind a non-positive and non-serious brand positioning and that’s the last thing you need as an educational institute.

2. Poor contextualization – My conclusion after seeing this video was that if a young person wants to make money and good living without being a daku or chor then he should pursue SBS executive education course. Why would you want to compare your TG with chor-daaku? And who would want to be a batch-mate with some gali ka gunda!

3. YouTube basics missing – video title like Shanti Business School – Executive PGDM is not going to take your video anywhere. Ideal video title for YouTube videos are one which will create curiosity, for eg: ‘How to earn your next promotion’

If you do all the effort in making a YouTube video, it is important that you do it well to create a positive impact on the brand. Always a good thing is to show a video to few people and take their feedback before uploading it on a public forum like YouTube.


2 thoughts on “YouTube Video – Good Intention, Poor Execution

  1. Dear Adi,
    Its a really good tool to aware people and create a bridge between client and their client, this video really goes on wrong track. and sure people will understand through this medium that journey of MARKETING STRATEGY – BIG IDEA – and its CREATIVE EXECUTION.

    Good Carry on and surely share me ahead


  2. The video is actually pointing towards much bigger issues here, the most prominent being – these very folks are teaching “brand equity” to young impressionable students ?!! The youtube post is a joke at best and tyranny of creativity at worst..
    Thanks for bringing it out.. hope these guys get to see your positive analysis and work on some better strategy.. they could for instance show Rahul Gandhi or Manmohan Singh out of job after 2014 assemble elections and heading for Shanti Business School..( pun not intended !! 🙂 !!!
    As always, Adi thinks and thats why Adi rocks !!

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