More Spend, Less Sense

For last few days Ahmedabad city was splashed with many such ‘teaser’ outdoors where a brand claimed to be Rare, Unique and Uncommon.


And then this is the campaign that got revealed later –

Asopalav ‘Sale’ 2013

Asopalav Sale - Rare


Asopalav Sale - Uncommon

My reaction to this campaign is in two parts

  1. As a consumer
  2. As a media buyer

As a consumer Asopalav did managed to get my attention with the teaser campaign, where I got really curious to know on what is that one of its kind – rare, unique and uncommon thing going to be. But when the campaign got revealed I was excited no more as it turned to be just another ‘Sale’ campaign. June is the time where every other brand puts up a sale and offers discount, so what’s so uncommon with Asopalav announcing the same? Probably I would have still not been so disappointed if this colourful Asopalav hoardings would have at least told me on what is that which will make their Sale ‘unique’? But there is just nothing in the follow-up communication, not even a mention of what discount is going to be offered, the only saving grace has been the dates of sale being mentioned in the designs. So what really makes Asopalav sale rare, unique and uncommon still remains a mystery for me.

As a media buyer my first question is does a sale campaign of a prominent brand like Asopalav require a teaser campaign?  Answer is ‘No’. Asopalav is one of the leading brand in its category having a big customer base who every year eagerly wait for the Asopalav Sale to be announced. The teasers are useful when there is a need to create interest in the minds and hearts of the consumer and for the Asopalav Sale there is enough interest already there. So all it needs is a straight forward message to be delivered to the consumers about discounts on offer which could have been done in a jargon-less manner and in one short campaign which would have also meant cost savings and better ROI for Asopalav.

It is always good to be creative with your campaigns but more importantly it should make sense to the consumer and for the business.


7 thoughts on “More Spend, Less Sense

  1. Hi ! I will see it from this angle : here is a very well established brand \ company which wants to inform about its usual yearly sale in a “different way”. It got the attention. The ad company running the campaign can and will be happy with its “out of box”, “jaraa hatke” campaign. Point taken. Even Asopalav may be happy. But finally – this campaign is a failure because it just does not deliver on its basic promise. That’s the first and last impression. Not acceptable !!
    Anoth issue, I see is – where is the database ? Asopalav”s media consultants shud have developed a very strong MIS by now about its client base. SMS, email, fliers to regular clients, a well thought out campaign for potential clients taking the earlier analytics and demographics – where is all that ? Hell ! At this rate, my local grocer will set up an ad shop !! “Rampyare Media consultants ” 🙂

    • The problem is that brands are failing to understand the power of word of mouth and unfortunately the agencies, for their commissions keep pushing for buying of more and more media inventory. The ROI is nowhere into consideration, realizing the fact that the bigger your brand grows, the cost of acquiring customer should go down and actively bringing in more referrals is just not even thought of.

  2. Absolutely right. They would have saved some amount. But sometime we need to add something which make the people curious. We have seen the straight communication in previous campaigns. I am sure this time more male have seen the campaign and conveyed to wives, sisters etc.

  3. Well stated.
    From a design point of view , though the colors were attractive, I still dont understand the “off … er ” logic, any insights on that ?
    Though there are many others but the er really put me off wheni saw the hoardings all around the city !

  4. Its July 2014, they are back. Same concept.. Teasers with diff. sets of jargons..
    Again… Created buzz around city, but few fellow, like minded friends have guessed it right.. its asopalav…

    So Asopalav seems happy with 2013 campaign. OR / AND Agency is out of ideas. (I hope not).

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