How a Fitness Centre leveraged Bhaag Milkha Bhaag popularity

In last few days the entertainment talk of the country has been Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and the chiseled athletic body of Farhan Akhtar. Every newspaper, magazine, news channel, website has been reporting on what kind of workout regime Farhan followed to get those sinewy legs and stunning six-pack abs.

And what came as a pleasant surprise for me was to see an Ahmedabad based gym ‘Zeus Fitness Point’ leveraging this popularity of BMB and creating a BTL activity around it and also getting a PR coverage for their efforts.

What did they do?

Fitness Point organized a Bhaag Milkha Bhaag competition where they got their members to register for a treadmill challenge – the one who runs for the maximum time gets to win free movie tickets.  Keeping it simple!

What I liked about this activity is

  • Brands alertness – leveraging a popular trend like BMB at the right time
  • Social Connect– activity designed to engage the members
  • Generating Irresistible content – at this time anything to do with BMB is what a reporter wants for his/her story and by delivering exactly that, press coverage to milna hi tha.


The lesson from this is that to build a brand you not only require big budgets, but what you require is the right ideas at the right time.


2 thoughts on “How a Fitness Centre leveraged Bhaag Milkha Bhaag popularity

  1. I personally suggest and felt that campaign would be more fruitfull, if we better cover And conduct campaign in iim and other mgt institutes , and conduct a case study how to take leadership and achieve sucess and increase focus on every aspect .

  2. Hey Aditya,

    Nice blog. I agree with you that they did a great job by leveraging the enthusiasm that BMB was able to generate. I am not in Ahmedabad so may not be able to very clearly connect with the trend/fad but this is a very good example of how marketers can use ‘recency bias’ or ‘availability hueristic’ to market their products/services. Would love to hear more on this topic.

    – Manan

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