Even Wagh Bakri Gets It All Wrong

For us Gujaratis, tea means ‘ચા’ (cha) and ‘ચા’ means Wagh Bakri!

WB is one of the most favourite and preferred tea brands for Gujarati households. And the way the brand has been growing for over 100 years around the sutra of ‘hamesha rishta banaay’ has been simply brilliant.

I have been a big admirer of WB TVCs and print ads but two of the most recent campaigns have left me with lots of questions…putting them forward in this post

Wagh Bakri trying Tata Jaago Re?

Wagh Bakri had released these ads on the front page of Times of India, Sandesh and Divya Bhaskar, asking people to be sensitive in using their cell phones so as to ensure that other person is not unnecessarily disturbed.

Wagh Bakri SMS campaign

So when I first saw this ad, with that clip art mobile phone I thought of Wagh Bakri must be bringing some mobile app. Then I started to read the body copy and by the time I finished the essay type copy, I was like What? Why? What?

First of all I was just not able to find a connect between the Wagh Bakri tea and being sensitive towards using the cell phone. Then when I thought harder I came to a conclusion to that may be Wagh Bakri like Tata Tea is trying to build its own Jaago re kind of social cause campaign.  Even if that’s the intention then the execution is extremely poor for the reason stated below

  • Non-relevant theme of the ad – asking people to use text messaging over direct phone call – is that even an issue?  And even if it was ever then the trend has changed long time back with arrival of Blackberry messenger and then Watsapp (creative director of this campaign, needs technological upgrade)
  • It’s not a design, it is a DTP work – The theme of the ad is poor, but the design makes it worst (seems like Microsoft Word was used to design this). There surely could have been a much smarter and creative way of showcasing the message instead of writing a short essay on technology and cell phones.
  • Missing brand connection – putting a line at the end – ‘let us communicate effectively & with warmth over a cup of tea’ is nothing more than forced attempt to connect the cause with the brand. And in Gujarati copy, even that line is missing
  • Missed the social too – today would you want to ask for the feedback on facebook/twitter or on email?

Unfortunately this print ad seems like an amateur attempt by a mature brand like Wagh Bakri.

Wagh Bakri’s Wrong Label

After Ranjit innerwears, Astral Poly Technik we now have one Wagh Bakri joining the league of Gujarat grown brands to tie up with movies to promote their brand.

As a part of Wagh Bakri’s tie up with Once Upon a time in Mumbai Dobaara (OUTIMD), I have seen more than 25 co-branded hoardings across Ahmedabad  – seems WB promoting OUTIMD rather than OUTIMD promoting WB, that to at a very heavy cost!


But the big question I have is why a brand like WB who has always maintained on not to associate with celebs have gone ahead and tied up on a movie which has two of their competitors brand ambassadors – Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha, faces of Red Label tea  (remember Akshay Kumar asking people to call up and convince Sonakshi that Red Label is tasty and healthy both)

More so ever there also doesn’t seems to be a logical connect of the WB brand with OUTIMD , however there have been attempts to justify the tie up as – “The perfect blend of kadak-meethi (strong and sweet) of our tea complies with the film’s tale of strong action and sweet relations. This movie is based on relations and our tagline suits the story the best.” (Source – http://bit.ly/14JmcgA). Seems somebody at WB got carried away by the excitement of associating up with OUTIMD so much that they probably forgot to check on who the starcast of the movie is.

But I give it to Wagh Bakri for always trying to do something new and keep their brand fresh and alive in the mind of people. And I hope that their next campaign will be more thoughtful…


5 thoughts on “Even Wagh Bakri Gets It All Wrong

  1. absolutely YES ! it shows that advt for Mob apps from Vaghbakri and there is no connection between product and message. also it treatment is very poor, so vaghbakri should not write turnover line because it create wrong impressions, “avadi moti company ane design to jovo”… ha ha ha ha ha ha

  2. Well thought:

    I would agree with poor execution of print ad. They must have someone ‘this is not my job’ guy who designed it. I would like to find this person out and make sure to blacklist him. 🙂

    About the Association this movie (Which I dont know at all), Looking at the photo posted by you, It suits the Brand positioning of WB quite well. The Rough and Kadak feel of WB is quite well reflected in the Billboard here.

    About social:I doubt people will migrate from Print to web, since the cause is not that compelling for people to take that effort. If you want to target social media, better advt there itself.

    Overall Well written.

    • Aakash – for the movie tie up, there is not even a brand integration in the movie, just a logo in the opening credits. My concern is not so much about tie up, but it is more about what kind of tie up it is 1) where wagh bakri has associated with their competitors brand ambassadors 2) they have spend lakh of rupees on such hoardings and in which their own brand presence is quite weak in my view point.

      And by social i meant they could have asked for feedback on their FB, to convert this communication into conversation.

  3. HI Guys…. just gone through the comments and seen the movie too… Very well said…”There is no integration in the movie…..” about Print ad.. “i dont think WB needs to follow TATA” WB has already a great loyal customers.

    WB should have invest these huge money in Morning BTL activity for a free sampling at some wellknown Gardens . 🙂

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