Realty Players Building Bridges for a New Era

2001 – 2013, the 12 years of Modi Era, marked by progressive policies and smart development governance ensured that Ahmedabad and many other cities of Gujarat get recognized as some of the fastest growing cities in the world.

The Modi Era has been a golden era for the real estate sector of Gujarat, witnessing a huge expansion and an all round development.  This again has been possible only because of Modi government’s progressive outlook for developing infrastructure at a quick pace and for all strata of society.

The returns on the real estate front in past decade has been so profiting that in last few years developers from all over the country have ventured into Gujarat by collaborating with the top realty players of Gujarat.

But now the Modi era for Gujarat is over and the Anandiben’s Queen Era has begun. But being a disciple of Narendra Modi, it is very much expected that Anandiben will continue to follow the path laid down by the former CM of Gujarat.  But the real estate sector of Gujarat is taking no chance and has started building bridges with the new Chief Minister – Anandiben.   The big advertising splash in the newspapers to welcome the new CM by the leading realty players like Safal, Ganesh Housing, B Safal, Iscon is a testimony of this fact.

Anandiben Patel

With Narendra Modi becoming the Prime Minister there is a huge optimism for the economy to finally start reviving. More importantly the entire nation is expecting Narendra Modi to replicate Gujarat Model of progress across the country. And with ex CM now being a PM and his loyalist becoming a CM, I am sure that the real estate sector of Gujarat is set to see some unprecedented growth.



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