Stock Photos vs Real Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words

Whenever it comes to an advertisement design to a brochure or a website design we all crave for that perfect picture which reflects the emotion that the brand wants to evoke in the heart and minds of the consumer. And with this thought the most common thing which is done first is to go on to Google images or any Stock Image website, enter the keyword and start the mega search for that one perfect picture which can fit into a print ad, billboard design, brochure and a website.


This is the approach 9 out 0f 10 brands and designers are taking, then how does your visual stand out and make the right connections? The answer is – you just can not unless you have some super skills to search for the image which no one else could.


BRIM Ahmedabad

Make an impression with Real Pictures

The reason why stock images are widely used is for the convenience if offers and sometimes also for it being free if you manage to get it on Google Images and nobody eventually sues you for it. But as they say nothing worth having ever comes easy.

To make the real emotional connection with the audience the picture needs to be unique, realistic and reflect the culture.

Here I have compared the most recent advertising campaign of Ahmedabad’s two of the most ‘eyeconic’ brands – R. Kumar and Sheth Opticals to show what impact the Real Pictures have over Stock Photos. Both of this brands are heavy media spenders and here are the most recent ads this brands released in The Times of India. The focus of both this ads is around Uttarayan which is Diwali for the optic players.

R Kumar

R. Kumar – The Joy of Seeing | Ahmedabad Times


Sheth Opticals

Sheth Opticals – Iss Baar Udaenge | The Times of India

This are big ads where big money has been spent so there are very less chances for somebody to miss them out – Attention Grabbed!

But who made a better connection? While I liked the Hinglish copy of Sheth Opticals – ‘Iss Baar Udaenge’, the visuals of R. Kumar are surely more attention grabbing for it is more real – more Indian and the supporting copy about the eye wear style of Diya, Anamika and Ria smartly communicates the product range too.

How i wished Sheth Opticals would have invested in the photo shoot and replaced this foreign faces with the real Amdavadis which would have made it a more believable campaign. Just inserting the few kites in the background does’t really impress and connect.

Stock Images vs Real Photos – know the difference

Stock Photos vs Real Pictures

If you would like to explore of how you can use more of real pictures in your brand communication without burning lots of money then feel free to reach out to me on


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