Why Brand Charcha Exists

Over the past 9 years of my professional career, most of which has been in Ahmedabad, I – Aditya Shah must have had browsed some thousands of articles, blogs, discussions on the areas of my interest – branding, marketing and design. However I always feel that there is hardly any hyperlocal content available on the net for things of interest ‘around me’. By around me, I mean local brands and their marketing, advertising strategies. It always happens that we end up reading the content which has its context set in foreign conditions.

The situations worsens when we seek information of digital marketing mediums, everything out there – research, blogs, case studies are of foreign origin. Whatever little Indian research data we have is also limited to metro cities but no real documentation is available on the digital efforts happening around me.

So to meet this unmet need of hyperlocal content on brands around me, I have launched BrandCharcha to do discuss and debate the branding and marketing campaigns by local players.


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