Smart way to create a ‘bandhan’ with female target audience

Come Rakshabandhan, one common shopping item for all the ladies to buy is a beautiful rakhi for their brother/s. And more often than not females go to the small neighbourhood shops or the laaris/thelas where this rakhis are sold.

So this time around when my mother and wife came back home after doing their rakhi shopping, I noticed that their rakhis were packed in non woven cloth bag, which was surprising to me because all the neighbourhood shops in our locality would not or could not afford to give more than a plastic bag. But here were 2 rakhis worth not more than Rs.100, purchased from a laari, packed in non woven cloth bag and I was like how?

On inquiring with my wife she told me that these bags were provided by Khushi Foods to all the street vendors selling rakhi, so that they can pack the rakhis in it instead of their regular plastic bag. And these bags branded with Khushi’s Garlic Magic also contained two sample sachets for Garlic Magic and Pizza Mix Magic. And when I heard this, I smiled at the smartness shown by Khushi Foods in reaching out to the female target audience.


Non woven bags by Khushi foods for free distribution at rakhi shops

This is what I liked about Khushi Foods free bag initiative

  • Knowing where the target audience is – at rakhi shops and laaris
  • Solving a problem – helping the rakhi seller save money on plastic bags by providing a good quality bag and also ensuring that the delicate rakhis are packed well
  • Good deed yields good benefits for brand – by providing a good quality bag to carry a rakhi, Khushi food can be assured of a good brand recall among its female TG.
  • Free sampling – by distributing free samples alongwith the bag, Khushi foods has exhibited a strong positive confidence in its product, which should trigger sales.
  • Cost-effective solution – the free bag initiative would surely have costed much lesser than traditional advertising mediums – print, outdoor, tv and radio.

I feel more and more brands, especially the growing ones who do not have huge advertising budgets, should take a cue from Khushi foods and start identifying where their target audience is and invest money, energy and ideas over there.