5 misconceptions about Digital

In past 6 months I have been interacting with many folks and companies who want to build a strong digital presence. And this makes me thrill that more and more people want to grow digitally. But the problem is that most of them have many misconceptions about digital.

To clear some of this misconceptions, here I am sharing the list of 5 things – Digital is Not!

1. Digital is not just about Facebook

Digital is not Facebook

Yes Facebook is where all of us spend maximum time. But then going digital just doesn’t mean setting up a Facebook Page and getting likes.

2. I have a great looking website

Website without traffic is not useful

You have a new website, great! You have put the website address on your business card, email signature, letter head….but that’s not enough. Website needs traffic and you will have to do more than just printing the website address on your stationery.

3. Digital is Difficult

Digital is not difficult

Yes, it is not easy but everything new will always be difficult unless you are willing to learn. There are enough resources online to get you started.

4. Digital can be completely outsourced

Digital can't be outsourced

How can one expect somebody else to know your customers better than you. Digital agencies are required but then you also need to keep your skin in the game.

5. Digital is a futuristic thing

Digital is Today and not in future

Digital is no more a distant thing which will happen in future. It is already here and we better start paying attention to it.

There is no expert, no magic wand for digital. You will have to get into it, learn it and master it to rule it.